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An idiom is a phrase, or a combination of words, that has developed a figurative meaning through frequency of use. Idioms are a staple in many different languages, and are often shared across languages through numerous translations. They can be useful and even fun to use, but are also bound to confuse any new speaker of a language who isn’t familiar with the phrase’s cultural relevance. Below are few examples :  1.  It cost me an arm and a leg to take my trip to Australia.      (Very expensive) 2.  I was over the…

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E-Learning English Grammer 


Tenses Tenses can be defined as follows: a form of a verb that is used to show when an action happened or a distinction of form in a verb to express distinctions of time or duration of the action or state it denotes or a verb-based method used to indicate the time, and sometimes the continuation or completeness, of an action or state in relation to the time of speaking.   Types of Tenses There are three types of tenses: Present Tense Past Tense Future Tense Present Tense: a tense…

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