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Group Discussion a new Trend

Group discussion is a new trend that has come up in order to evaluate student personality. A group of participants are made to discuss on a topic or subject for a limited time and then assessed accordingly. It is a chance for you to be more vocal and extrovert. Group discussions have become all the more important in recent times as many companies have made them a part of their initial selection process. There are a couple of reasons for the same. One, it allows the company to evaluate the candidate with respect to their requirements, and two, it allows for mass elimination.

Some important points to prepare:


1) Be prepared with a 15-20 second introduction which clearly states your name, the place you come from, the degree and the name of the university from which you are pursuing / pursued your degree.
2) Carry a small notepad along with a pen to the GD to take down notes.
3) Address the group members and not the moderator. Once the GD starts, as far as you are concerned, the moderator ceases to exist.
4) Do not try to start the GD just for the sake of starting it. Start the GD only if you are sure that you are adding value to the topic.
5) Do not repeat a point that you / someone else may have already made in the GD.
6) Be crisp in your communication.
7) Make it a point to come into a GD (of 20 minutes) at least 4-6 times.
8) Do not address a GD participant by name. You are not expected to remember their names.
9) Do not seek the assistance / intervention of the moderator during the GD.
10) Always discuss the pros and cons of the topic given. It is a discussion and not an argument or a debate where you need to take sides.
11) You do not get points for proving other participants wrong. Make your point and move on.
12) Do not point fingers at your co-participants or get aggressive with them. It won’t endear you to them and certainly not to the moderator.
13) Maintain eye contact with the group.
14) Do not show disappointment or disgust on your face in case you are not being allowed to speak or when you do not agree with the point that has just been made.
15) Practice as often as possible with different groups, different topics, and in different situations.


In a Group Discussion, a topic is provided by the company and a discussion is held. The following aspects are judged in a candidate:-

  1. Leadership qualities :

– A good leader will be able to initiate the discussion.

– He will also be able to contribute significantly and intervene when required.

– Giving the discussion a positive direction is very crucial.

– A good leader is also a good team player. Be cooperative and understanding

  1. Be reasonable :

– You need to be able to explain your point of view. When you raise an objection to another speaker’s point, back it up with a solid reason to get the point across.

  1. Communication skills & body language.

– Every employee represents the company; hence communication skills and body language command great importance.

– Dress well and be polite.

– Be expressive, assertive and firm to create an impact. However, do not be rude. Be sure of what you say and phrase your sentences carefully.

– Do not beat around the bush or talk about irrelevant things. Also note that a good communicator is also a good listener. Let others speak and do not interrupt in between. If you have an objection, wait for them to complete and then raise it.

– Make enough eye contact to seem interested and serious; do not stare. Talk to your team members, not the evaluators. Remember, eyes are a big giveaway.

  1. Knowledge

– Awareness is very important to do well in a discussion. Topics can be related to political scenarios, social consequences, your opinion of a particular person etc. You may be a brilliant speaker but if the topic is alien to you, you will be helpless.
– Read the paper everyday and follow a reputed news channel. This will allow you to keep abreast with the latest and you will feel confident about your points.
– Try and use quotes, figures, statements and facts to create an impact.


How to initiate and summarize a GD:

Initiating a GD is a double-edged sword. When a candidate initiates, apart from grabbing an opportunity to speak, he also grabs the attention of examiners and fellow candidates. So, if a candidate who initiates is able to make a favourable first impression through his content and communication skills, it will help him sail through the GD. There are different techniques to initiate a GD in order to make a remarkable first impression:

  2. Definition
  3. Question
  4. Shocking statement
  5. Facts figures and statistics
  6. Short story
  7. General statement

Summarization techniques

Another important aspect of a GD is techniques of summarization which gives a lasting impression to your discussion. Most GDs are left without a conclusion, and it isn’t even essential that a group reach one conclusion. A  conclusion represents a final stage, where the entire group decides in favour or against a topic, in the case of a summarization a candidate summarizes in a nutshell what the group has discussed. The following points should be kept in mind while summarizing a discussion:

1. No new point should be taken up.

2. A person should not share his or her own viewpoint alone.

3. A summary should not dwell only on one side of the GD.

4. It should be brief and concise.

5. It should incorporate all the important points spoken.



Some important topics for GD:

1.Should single-point GST be implemented?

2.Will Swachh Bharat Campaign Succeed?

3.Should India have a one-child policy?

4.Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing!

5.Technology is killing human imagination!

6.Is group discussion necessary for the elimination process

7.Who is responsible for the protection of the environment?

8.Retirement age of politicians

9.Effect of cinema on Youth

10.Education in India compared to Foreign nations

11.Is China a threat to the indian software industry?

12.About Hockey being the Indian National Game

13.Privatization will lead to less corruption.

14.Love makes you a good entrepreneur.

15.Cricket has spoiled other streams of India.

16.Censorship On Social Media – Right Or Wrong .

17.BCCI – Sahara Relationship .

18.Indian Villages – Our Strength Or Our Weakness.

19.Nuclear Family Versus Joint Family .

20.Are Indians Less Quality Conscious ?

21.Is Consumer Really The King In India.

22.Should NCC Made Compulsory In Schools And Colleges.

23.Should Dhoni Take Moral Responsibility For The Poor Overseas Record Of Indian Team 24.And Step Down From Captaincy.

25.Blood For Blood: Is It The Right Policy.

26.Investment On Gold – Is It Good Or Bad For The Economy.

27.Should Betting Be Legalized In Sports By Indian Government Like The Western Countries.

28.Is Reality Shows Like Big Boss: Boon Or Bane.

29.Is Poor Parenting The Primary Cause Of Violent Or Aggressive Behavior Of Children.

30.Are Asian Parents Much More Strict On Education( Mainly South Asian And East Asian )Is 31.India Safe For Women.

32.Is A Single- Sex Education System Better Than A Co-Ed System.

33.Corporal Punishments: Is It The Right Policy.

34.Should India Wage A War On Pakistan To Counter The Terrorism.

35.Abortion & Euthanasia – Is It Morally Right For The Society.

36.Technical Education Versus Practical Education. 

37.Is The Present Generation Too Dependent On Computers.

38.Will Posting Students Grades On Bulletin Boards Publicly Motivate Them To Perform Better ?

39.Should Voters Be Given A Choice Of ‘ Non Of The Above ‘ During Elections.

40.Are Naxals And Maoists A Serious Threat To National Security.

 41.Which Is The Best OS For Smart Phones- Android, IOS, Windows Or Blackberry ?

42.Is Our Population An Asset For Growth ?

43.Which Brings Greater Success In Life : Hard Work Or Intelligence.

44.Will Obama’s Anti-Outsourcing Law Help Us Employment.

45.How Effective Are Indian B- Schools.

46.Should GD Be Part Of Campus Placement.

47.Casteless World : A Myth Or Reality.

48.Flexi-Timings Or Fixed Timings – Which Is Better At Work.

49.Guys Make Better Friends Than Girls.

50.Is China The New Threat To America’s Supremacy.

By: Dr. Riju Pawar, TPO, Radha Govind Group of Institutions, Meerut
The author has more than 12 years of experience in English language & Literacy. 

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