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A seminar is an advanced group & teaching technique which is usually used in higher education. It is an instructional technique it involves generating a situation for a group to have a guided interaction among themselves on a theme. It refers to a structured group discussion what usually follows a formal lecture or lectures often in the form of an essay or a paper presentation on a theme. 

The participants will be familiarized with the methodology of their chosen topics and also allowing them to interact with examples of real life practical problems. The participants will take part actively in seminars that will focus them in relevant fields. Seminars facilitate latest information regarding things which are taking place in the world of Computer science and technology.


Tips for a “good” technical seminar

These are only TIPS not RULES


  • If you are nervous before or during a seminar, YOU ARE NOT ALONE
  • The first step in doing so is to accept that there is nothing to be ashamed of in not being able to speak good English.
  • Set goals for the talk -Frame questions that you would like the audience to know answers to at the end of your talk.
  • Talk to your audience – Don’t talk to yourself. You are giving a seminar/talk, not delivering a speech
  • You have to be the master of what you are talking about.
  • Don’t have anything on your slide that you don’t intend to talk about.
  • Use images to explain the conecpt i.e. A picture = A 1000 words.
  • A slide is only an aid to the presentation – If you are reading out a slide you are doing something wrong.
  • All Text should be large enough to read.
  • Choose the right color- 7% of the male population is red/green color blind.
  • Don’t put too much information on a slide.
  • Use animation only when required.
  • Rehearse your presentation.
  • Make Eye contact with your audience.
  • Speak loud and clear, but don’t shout.
  • Time Management -Have enough for the time allotted to you. Neither less nor EVEN A LITTLE more.
  • On answering questions – During a question answer session, if you don’t know the answer just say “I don’t know.” 
  • Learn to manage questions. If you think the question is relevant to communicating your ideas tackle it. If you think it is not, then put it off for a discussion at the end.
  • On managing time – Practice is the best way for 15 minute talks.
  • On being nervous – Prepare as if you are going to speak to a much more learned audience.
  • Present with the confidence of one who is much more learned.

Tips for the audience

  • It’s OK to question.
  • It’s OK to comment and.
  • It’s OK to disagree with the speaker Politely.
  • Not to make fun of the speaker.
  • Not to show your superiority. This is uncivilized.
  • Ask a question only to understand the speaker better.

Structure Of Seminar

  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Description
  • References
  • Thank You
  • Queries

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